April 22, 2019, 12:30 pm

Back around November of 2014 I learned through early decision that I would be attending the University of Georgia. I always knew I wanted to serve my country, so I knew from the beginning that I would join Air Force ROTC upon arrival. Later, in the second semester of freshman year, I learned of the Franklin Residential College (FRC). I did some research and found that this residential community was just what I needed --an organization that would be my home for the remaining three years of college. The University of Georgia educates more than 36,000 students, and you’ll meet new people every day of your four year college journey. It’s important to connect with a smaller group and build friendships. The FRC does just that! You will come home to the same group of motivated students daily and will build bonds sure to last your time in college, if not a lifetime. The FRC also brings in professors from around Franklin College to speak with us regularly, helping build that connection with the staff at UGA. In addition to that, the FRC hosts numerous events to capture your interest, the same way it did for me. One of the most memorable was the annual trip to Sapelo Island over fall break. Last October on the island, we helped the locals in building their community garden by installing chain-linked fencing and removing roots and sticks. The FRC has created many of my friendships and a ton of experiences I will always remember. As I finish up my last few weeks here at UGA and with the FRC, I’m rapidly approaching my first assignment in the world’s greatest Air Force as a Cyberspace Operations Officer! I head up to Dayton, Ohio in July. Thank you to all who have been an active part of my FRC family, you’ve all been an integral part of my college experience!