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The FRC community is thrilled to share the news that UGA's Division of Academic Enhancement has named our Academic Advisor in Residence as the recipient of its inaugural Graduate Student First Award.

On November 4th, Noraa James, the Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

On Oct. 29-31, FRC returned to the UGA Marine Institute for an action-packed weekend on Sapelo Island.

Ugarden donated plant sprouts to the FRC garden for a fall planting event on October 23rd. Ugarden is a student run organization near the UGA campus that relies on volunteer help.

On October 18th, FRC welcomed Dr. Hermanowicz, a professor from the Classics department, to talk through the history of printmaking and book discoveries. She discussed the evolution of book material: from wax tablets, to scrolls, from papyrus, to leather envelopes, and finally printing.

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